Children’s Book Author

“This is a rhyming, singing story that’s sure to keep children amused and involved. “Now with a fast and fearless stride, he walked across the restless tide where ocean stretched out far and wide.” Author Bec J. Smith takes readers on an adventure to find the missing bottle. Readers will become detectives, too, as they become involved in the underwater mystery. Readers will be surprised to find out who took the bottle and how it is being used. Bec J. Smith has written an imaginative, amusing story of how two mammals become friends and crack the case of the missing bottle.”

Barbara Fanson
November 2015

Web Technology Specialist

“Rebecca is a creative, detail oriented, and talented Web Technology Specialist. I have hired her on several occasions to perform a variety of website-related tasks such as creating headers and taking a simple template and giving it a creative punch. In one occasion, she got my site up and running after I tried performing my own website fix and crashed it. I would definitely hire her over and over again for all my website related needs.”

Katherine Huether
April 2013

Web Designer

“Rebecca was hired to convert my basic ideas into a fully-functional website that looked great. Her knowledge and experience proved most beneficial in every step of the process! I could not have asked for a more positive experience.”

Mysti Reutlinger
January 2013

Folio 2 – Writing the Short Story

“This is one of the most original, well-crafted submissions I’ve received this year. You are a brave experimenter of form in narrative, and you make an equal effort in plot and character development. I enjoyed both stories, and was happy with how you’ve made the characters speak in their own voices. Now that you’ve proven to yourself that you can manage innovative narrative structures, I encourage you to also consider taking on slightly more challenging story lines/themes/issues etc. I’d say you’re more than capable of meeting that task. You’re pretty inspiring! All the best.”

Dr. Narola Changkija, Griffith University
December 2012

I.T. Tutor and Consultant

“Rebecca is a highly motivated and knowledgeable IT consultant. I first hired Rebecca to tutor me in website building and affiliate marketing in 2006. Since then she has been a wealth of knowledge in all things IT and I feel like I have learned a great deal thanks to Rebecca’s confident and approachable mentoring and tutorials. When I purchased an online business in 2009, Rebecca provided all of the Web design, maintenance, and support services to keep the business running smoothly. She also helped me develop greater confidence in my social media campaigns and the promotion of my products. I continue to use Rebecca as my IT consultant and regularly call on her services. I heartily recommend her to anyone that needs her expertise with computers, the internet, and the Web”

Maxine Wright
December 2012

I.T. Technician

“Rebecca is knowledgeable and an excellent communicator; a great combination when it comes to IT & web related services. I would work with her again in a heartbeat!”

Regina Sy of FragileHeart.com
December 2012

Writer, Editor, Consultant

“Her passion for words, business instincts, good nature, and natural talent make Rebecca a pleasure to work with as an editor, writer, or Web designer.

She has a natural ability and the intuition and creativity to create the Websites clients want — even when they’re not sure what they want or can’t convey it!

I’ve known Rebecca for years — including many late nights in front of the computer working on a variety of projects — and she’s always been a source of inspiration.”

Dawn Allcot
August 2011

Blog Redesign and Theme Customization

“Rebecca Laffar-Smith takes professionalism to a whole new level. I’m always amazed at how professional – yet friendly – her e-mails are. And she does a fabulous job of letting me know what will work and what won’t – without making me feel dumb or inadequate.

“Rebecca recently transformed my blog: Healing With Juices. I enjoyed the process thoroughly. It wasn’t stressful at all, and I knew I was in very good hands. I’m so pleased with my blog design and have received countless compliments on Rebecca’s work! Readers aren’t the only ones who have taken notice to how nice of a job Rebecca did with my blog makeover – sponsoring companies are contacting me, letting me know how pleased they are with the new professional look.

“And the icing on the cake? My blog subscriptions have literally doubled since the new design went live! The amount of readership that took two years to accumulate has repeated itself almost overnight! Coincidence? Maybe, but I have a strong feeling credit goes to Rebecca Laffar-Smith.

“I can’t thank you enough, Rebecca!”

Michele Tune of Healing with (Raw) Juices and More
March 2010

A Poem To Say Goodbye

“Oh I LOVE,LOVE, love this! There are times when I’m crafty with rhyming connections and I was struggling to put together the kids’ ideas. This however has personality of Diana in it along with the the passionate thank you from this experience.

“Oh how can I thank you. We were willing to abandon our original work if we could gather help. The kids’ ideas must have proven to be a good starting ground for you. I will share this with the kids after we return from Spring Break. Oh, thank you and thank you PLURK.”

Teresa Morgan of Thomas County Academy
March 2010

Essay Editing and Critique

“I loved the work that Rebecca did on my essay. Not only was she thorough in her assessment, but she gave me constructive advice on how to improve my writing. She helped me be aware of what my blind spots are and was very encouraging. Rebecca is supportive as well as professional and I know that my essay could not have been in better hands.”

Heiddi Zalamar of The Freshman Writer
March 2010

Guest Blogger and Writer

“Rebecca is a fount of knowledge on web design and writing – a good mix. Rebecca has written excellent content for my writing blog and followed it up with promotional activities. She’s always willing to help others sort out their problems and provides a wealth of great information that people can really use through her Writer’s Round-About blog. That blog also serves as a good example of her web coding skills.”

Sharon Hurley Hall of Get Paid To Write Online
February 2010

Website and Unique Custom Theme Design

“I love, love, love it, Rebecca! The website design you put together is absolutely fantastic. You are very clever. I am so rapt. I haven’t seen another site as good. You are awesome. Thanks heaps!”

Beth Gomes of Hair Design Australia
January 2010

Blog Host and Senior Editor

“Each time I communicate with Rebecca, I find her to be professional, on topic, and organized. She’s a true joy to write for in every sense. My experience as a contributing writer for her site, The Writer’s Round-About, has been pleasant, fun, and also a beautiful learning experience. It’s wonderful to be part of a team led by this powerhouse Writer, Blogger, and Web Tech. Rebecca is bursting at the seams with talent: She has strong leadership, design, writing, blogging, and teamwork skills and knows how to whip things right into shape quickly, efficiently, and with such great style. Rebecca is a top-notch professional and I absolutely love working with/for her!”

Michele L. Tune
September 2009

Blog Host and Senior Editor

“Rebecca Laffar-Smith is a brilliant writer and editor. Working directly with Ms. Laffar-Smith at http://www.craftingfiction.com has provided incredible insight and professional growth. Rebecca is a powerhouse of writing ideas and inspiration. Making time to work directly with her writers is just one of many aspects that sets Rebecca apart from many others. Look to Rebecca Laffar-Smith for your writing and web managing needs. She will ensure the job is done right the first time.”

Mysti Guymon-Reutlinger
September 2009

Web Technology and Design

“I’m absolutely blown away by Rebecca’s professionalism and talent for creating and maintaining websites and blogs. She’s my go-to Web Tech and I’d highly recommend her services. Rebecca always, always delivers quality work on–or before–deadline. Without her skills, I’d never be able to accomplish all I do on my various websites and blogs. If you’re ever in need of Web Design or Technical Services, be sure to contact Rebecca–she’s a genius”
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Michele L. Tune
September 2009

Guest Blogger and Writer

“Rebecca has written for my writing blog in the past. Her insight, wisdom, and down-to-earth advice is a breath of fresh air. She presented her work in a professional manner and was a pleasure to deal with. It was an absolute honor to have a writer of her caliber share her talent, creativity, and heart with my readers. I feel very honored to have her work showcased on my site, and count it a blessing to be able to glean from her expertise. Thank you, Rebecca!”
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Michele L. Tune of Writing The Cyber Highway
September 2009

Blog Host and Senior Editor

“I guest blogged for Rebecca once, and was delighted at what a positive experience it was. Not only was she very clear in what she hoped to see from the blog post, but her details (word count, date posted, etc.) was better than some of the more “stressful” gigs I’ve worked for in the past! I would love to work with her again, and am looking forward to the next opportunity to do so!”

Jenn Greenleaf
May 2009

WordPress TroubleShooter

“Rebecca is a powerhouse when it comes to WordPress implementation. She pointed out a website issue I had and was able to troubleshoot and correct the problem immediately. She worked diligently to help me get my website back up and running properly. There are two things I especially liked about working with Rebecca: (1) She offered her advice and suggestions freely, leaving me options to make a decision one way or the other. (2) She answered my questions with great ease and respect. Even though I didn’t know what she was talking about, she definitely knew her stuff when it came to fixing my WordPress database and website issues. Overall, Rebecca is a friendly and warm person who is exactly the kind of person you need in your corner to keep your websites running smoothly. She has integrity and respectability and I highly recommend her!”

Hope Wilbanks of Hope Wilbanks, Christian Author
November 2008

Blog Host and Senior Editor

“Rebecca is a pleasure to work with. She gives clear instruction, sound advice, and is very knowledgeable. It has been my pleasure to provide her with guest blog posts for her writer’s website. I look forward to working with her frequently in the future!”

Kimberlee Ferrell of Freedom Writing
November 2008

Web Design Critique

“Rebecca Laffar-Smith is an amazingly talented freelance writer, blogger, editor and web designer. I’ve been in awe of her creative writing and teaching abilities since I first “met” her via the cyber highway. A regular reader of her blog, craftingfiction.com, I have enjoyed her inspiring, captivating words but was still astounded when she contacted me after viewing my freshly re-designed website. With her sharp eye for details, she pointed out a couple of things that needed clarification. I quickly made those changes and thanked her for her friendly, professional expertise. I’m definitely keeping her in mind for future editing needs!”

Michele L. Tune of Writing The Cyber Highway
September 2008

Blog Redesign and Theme Customization

“Rebecca Laffar-Smith completed the design for Future-Tarot.com using WordPress 2.0. Miss Michele is not very tech-savvy when it comes to Web 2.0, so she needed something easy-to-update but professional-looking. Rebecca Laffar-Smith delivered!

Miss Michele commented, ‘I think Rebecca Laffar-Smith is the true psychic! She knew what I wanted the site to look like before I did! When I saw it, I knew it was perfect: the color scheme, the navigation, the logo; Future-Tarot.com will carry our new tarot business well into the future.’

She continued, ‘It’s a far cry from my old site, which I’m embarrassed to show anyone now. (But I will, as a before-and-after example.) If your site looks something like my old site did, Rebecca can help!

‘Best of all, Rebecca was amazingly easy to work with; prompt, professional and patient. For small business owners with a thousand things on their mind, these traits are just as important as talent when working with a Web designer.’

Miss Michele of Future-Tarot
July 2008

Poetry Chapbook Edit

“Thanks so much for your prompt response and such thorough, detailed advice.
You always leave me with added value and so much more.
Many, many thanks.”

Lady Rabia Abdul-Hakim
February 2008

New Poetry

“New author Rebecca Laffar-Smith has bust onto the pages with Twirling Windmills, a work that’s sure to give you goosebumps (and make you long for spring)”

The Australian Reader #38

New Poetry

“Rebecca Laffar-Smith tantalised us with her unforgettable poem, The Blood Dance

The Australian Reader #40

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