Continuity and Chekov’s Gun – part of the editing process

It’s time to settle in and get some more work on this book done. I’m getting stuck into Act IV now: 10,000 words to edit; 10,000 words to write. That’s all that’s needed to get this draft finished.

Then I need to do a cover to cover reading with my notepad to make sure the continuity all comes together properly since it’s had so many turning point transformations over its many drafts so far.

For example, early in the book I killed off a character I later discovered is the primary antagonist and had to go back, resurrect her, and then track forward to make her still alive the whole way through. Opps!

I think the next scene I’m about to edit has me kill off another bad guy that I need to be alive in a later scene. I’ve also made mention to some things and I don’t think I’ve tied up their loose ends yet.

For example, there is a dagger earlier in the book that is jammed into a table, the police take it as evidence, and then… nothing. It’s not come up again. Either cut the dagger or use it (Chekov’s Gun).

So much to keep track of in a novel. It can be very confusing.

How is your writing/editing coming along?