About Rebecca

Rebecca is a West Australian science fiction and fantasy author. She wrote her first poem at age six and by fifteen, despite failing English, was an internationally published and award winning poet. She fostered a love in the beauty and cadence of language, learned techniques of literary device, and later taught a popular poetry workshop online.

In 1998, Rebecca began offering freelance writing, editing, and Web technology services. She published non-fiction articles in online magazines and then later in print. She worked for a number of clients from university students and school teachers, to CEOs and entrepreneurs. The business was moderately steady, but Rebecca found the work increasingly mundane and, in her words “soul-destroying”. She wanted to embrace her childhood dream of becoming a novelist. In 2010 she stopped accepting freelance commissions and focused on her three loves; family, community, and fiction.

Now, Rebecca volunteers as a liaison for the writing industry in her community. As part of the Write Along The Highway committee and OzNoWriMo Young Writer’s Program, Rebecca supports local writers and brings industry events and awareness into the local community. Somehow, she finds time around all that, as well as homeschooling her son and raising her teenage daughter, to work on her true writing passion. Her debut novel, The Flight of Torque was published June, 2014.