One Single Word To Define 2016

I’m trying to streamline and plan so that I can be more efficient and productive in 2016.

With a new year coming upon us soon, can you think of one single word that could define what you hope to achieve in 2016?

For me, the word of 2016 is: REACH.

I contemplated alternatives such as ‘produce’, ‘distribute’, ‘grow’, ‘establish’, ‘footing’, and similar. But I feel like REACH best defines what I want to accomplish and allows me to do so on multiple levels.

For example, I want to create better reach within my distribution networks for Aulexic. That requires the production of more books and networking and connection to find buyers, libraries, booksellers, schools, and even authors, illustrators, and staff. It involves developing the website, blog, and mailing list so that I am not only connecting with people but really reaching them regularly so they stay interested and receptive.

I also want to reach more readers and reviewers for my supernatural thrillers and romance novels which again involves producing (books 2 and 3 of the Blood of the Nagaran, and hopefully a few more romance novellas) but also incorporates doing a better job with my mailing lists.

One WordAnd of course, I want Write Along The Highway 2016 to have more and more reach. We’re growing beyond Perth :: South to give access to professional development, networking, and production time to writers across the whole state.

So yes, for me, 2016 is all about REACH.

What is your word?

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Rebecca Laffar-Smith

Rebecca Laffar-Smith is a publisher, children's writer, and novelist. In 2010 she gave up a successful 12-year freelance career to focus on her three loves; family, community, and fiction. She self-published her debut novel The Flight of Torque in June 2014 and the first three titles in the P.I. Penguin series in from Aulexic in May 2015. At The Craft of Writing Fiction, Rebecca shares her journey of creation and learning with readers. She loves getting to know her fellow readers and writers and can be contacted through Twitter and Facebook, or Email.

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