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So, as my latest book reaches it’s final stages prior publishing, I’m finally ready to let go of freelance writing and jump heart and soul into novel writing full-time. I’ve teetered on the edge, occasionally taking freelance gigs here and there, slowly weeding out my involvement in the business, and basically having a life outside of my work. But now I’m ready to say goodbye for good to the work of those 13 years of my life. And in that step, I’ve decided I’m ready to let go my shelves of freelance and copywriting books. Almost all of these books are in pristine, as-new, condition. And there are some real treasures here that will offer great wisdom, ideas, and advice to freelancers at any stage of their career.

I’m giving the books away, they’re free, but I do ask that you pay for the postage so that I’m not any more out of pocket for the books than their original purchase price. Especially since I can no longer claim it as a tax write-off from my freelancing income. I hope I can find some new homes for these books and that they help you continue to build your own freelance business.

  1. “Start & Run A Copywriting Business” 2nd edition by Steve Slaunwhite (With CD Rom)
  2. “The Copywriter’s Handbook: A step-by-step guide to writing copy that sells” 3rd edition by Robert W. Bly
  3. “Fearless Confessions: A writer’s guide to Memoir” by Sue William Silverman Autographed by the author
  4. “Make a real living as a Freelance Writer: How to win Top writing assignments” by Jenna Glatzer
  5. “$ix Figure Freelancing: The writer’s guide to making more money” by Kelly James-Enger
  6. “My so-called Freelance Life: How to survive and thrive as a creative professional for hire” by Michelle Goodman
  7. “The Well-Fed Writer: Financial self-sufficiency as a Freelance Writer in six months or less” by Peter Bowerman
  8. “Techniques of the $elling Writer” by Dwight V. Swain
  9. “Can I change your mind? The craft and art of persuasive writing” by Lindsay Camp
  10. “Courage & Craft: Writing your life into story” by Barbara Abercrombie
  11. “Starting your career as a freelance writer” by Moira Anderson Allen
  12. “The Wealthy Writer: How to earn a six-figure income as a freelance writer (no kidding!)” by Michael Meanwell
  13. “Expect Success” compiled by Dan Zadra (this book is a little gem about great customer service
  14. “The Professional Writing Guide: Writing well and knowing why” by Roslyn Petelin and Marsha Durham (this book is a little worn, I purchased it second hand and it has a name and some highlighting in the table of contents.)
  15. “Raising a Business: A woman’s no-nonsense guide to successfully growing a small business” by Sonia Williams

Wow, I just did the math on my purchase prices and it comes to over $300 AUD worth of books. And I’m giving them away for free. I must be nuts! lol But then, you, my readers have been good to me through the years too. We’ve shared a large part of my journey together. Some of you have become dear friends, others committed lurkers, and some of you are just discovering this site for the first time. It’s important for writers to stick together. Freelance writing is one of the few industries where we tend to help our competition rather than hinder them. We’re a synergistic community, and I know those who receive these books will gain something from the opportunity. That makes it worth every dime.

Now, remember, while the book itself is free I do ask that you pay for postage. I live in Australia so keep in mind International postage if you live elsewhere. Individually the books are pretty light and some are quite small. Postage shouldn’t be exorbitant, but I can’t give an estimate of the cost until I know where I’m sending each.

Also, to make it fair I’d prefer to have each book go to a different reader. If you’d really love more than one book give me a list in order of preference. If your second or third choice isn’t snatched up by someone else you can give it a home. Also, I do only have one copy of each so I need to work on a first come first served basis. Again, if you really love a particular book say so because the first person might decide postage is too much for their budget.

Ok! Who wants one?

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Rebecca Laffar-Smith is a publisher, children's writer, and novelist. In 2010 she gave up a successful 12-year freelance career to focus on her three loves; family, community, and fiction. She self-published her debut novel The Flight of Torque in June 2014 and the first three titles in the P.I. Penguin series in from Aulexic in May 2015. At The Craft of Writing Fiction, Rebecca shares her journey of creation and learning with readers. She loves getting to know her fellow readers and writers and can be contacted through Twitter and Facebook, or Email.

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