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Hey Everyone,

I’ve been doing some database management. Part of that process involved purging over 5,000 registered users (primarily spambots) and more than 70,000 user_meta entries.

Unfortunately, in the process it is possible I have deleted some real and honourable registered users. For this I deeply apologise. I’m choosing to leave the registration via site closed to avoid another deluge of spam registrations. However, I invite you to email me if you would like to be included as a member of the site. I’ll be glad to add you manually.

There are other ways to stay in touch with the site too, such as subscribing via RSS so that you can keep up with us in your regular feed reader, or subscribing via email so that new posts land straight in your inbox, or like our Facebook page so that you can join our community of writers and stay in touch.

It’s a pleasure to have you as a reader and remember, I love your comments so please, if you have a moment after reading a post, take the time to say Hi and let me know your thoughts.

Until next time,


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