December 16 – Loneliness is anathema to writing

December 16th, 2012

Ok, I have serious issues with Crey’s voice at the very least. *sighs* It’s going to take some significant editing to work the kinks out of it. Still, I try to remind myself that the book needs to be written more than it needs to have the character voices all straight at this point. I’ll go through and work on his dialogue separately later. In fact, I indent to isolate every characters dialogue individually and work through it to make sure the character voice is consistent. That’s going to be a task and a half, but it will be worth it.

*sighs* It’s so sad to know what I’ve thrown away from the first and second draft. There is some good writing there. Yes, there is also a LOT of bad writing too, but the good writing is sad to cut away. Still, that writing doesn’t belong in this draft and I have to be brutal about not trying to force it to fit. Sometimes murdering your darlings is the kindest thing you can do.

*chuckles* Oh, I like that paragraph. It feels like a transition from one state to another. Embracing yourself, instead of running from it. Theme, distilled in a half dozen lines. I mean it’s not. Every word has lead up to it and it really couldn’t stand alone, but it still feels like a turning point that encompasses that theme. From helplessness, to power.

Trouble is, I feel like the scene needs to end there, but the scene card that follows shouldn’t start from there. I suppose I could chapter break there. It would be a kind of short chapter, just shy of 3,000 words but it’s not the shortest chapter I’d have. I could also, potentially, flesh out the Lucas scene in this chapter, maybe. Yeah, chapter break is probably the best bet.

I’m flagging. It’s different when there is no one here. I mean, I’ve probably written more than I sometimes do at a write in. I’ve certainly written more than I did in the 5 hours at Murdoch yesterday (since I wrote nothing then), but I still feel like I’m struggling. It’s a hard slog. Possibly because I started today with a migraine. The heat doesn’t help either and the sun is starting to come down on this window so the heat and light is getting worse. But somehow, it’s the loneliness getting to me the most. No one else could make it this week. I hope that’s not a sign of these Sunday’s becoming extinct already. Hopefully it’s just that everyone is busy with family and Christmas etc. Hopefully future weeks will pick up pace.

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