Writer’s Round-About Becomes The Craft of Writing Fiction!

Introducing The Craft of Writing Fiction

Have you ever felt like you needed a makeover? As we grow and change the old look and feel becomes yesterday. Sometimes we need to put on a fresh face, cut our hair, buy a new outfit, and wear our classiest shoes. We can makeover our wardrobes when our old fashions are becoming drab. We makeover our homes when that old couch starts being more spring than fabric. And we makeover our lives with every birth, death, and marriage.

So, why can’t we have a blog makeover?

With new style and a jazzy new name I’m proud to introduce, “The Craft of Writing Fiction.”

Now, I know, you LOVE Writer’s Round-About. And we’re still the same great resource for writers in every genre but I hope you’ll be as excited about our new direction as I am.

WRA Was Great, Why Change?

Writer’s Round-About has been fantastic for three years now. Earlier this month I announced our third birthday with a 3rd birthday bash and great prizes (you still have a chance to get your entries in so go do that right now and then come back and finish reading) and every year I feel the site grow, change, and reach for a greater future. But, for some reason, it seemed to plot along rather than gaining the momentum I’ve always felt this site deserved. We were a great little site but it was always a battle for recognition. Lets face it, “Writer’s Round-About” isn’t a very compelling name so how could we expect great things from it?

In fact, “all in a name” is where I started when I tried to figure out exactly why WRA struggled for every viewer. It certainly wasn’t the content. Every weekday our writers bring us a smashing new post full of wisdom, insight, and experience. They cover a range of writing-related topics from freelancing to fiction. The quality of writing at WRA is excellent and I’m very proud of the contributors who have stepped up to write regular content.

It wasn’t in the design or the search engine optimization either. I’ve done enough work in this field and had a hand in creating some fantastically productive sites. I used my knowledge and experience in every aspect of Writer’s Round-About and I constantly tweaked the optimization to create a strong foundation for driving search traffic.

But something was missing…

Running the Numbers.

Then a friend talked about how she had recently had a Numerology report done and was amazed at how the numbers reflected her to perfection. I’ve always been fascinated with Numerology too and I’ve noticed from readings I’ve had for myself and read of others how remarkably accurate they can be. So, out of curiosity I ran the numbers for Writer’s Round-About. And, they were dismal.

I ran the numbers of a few other sites I know of and the ones that outperformed the others also had better Numerological standing. Interesting…

When you consider how important it is to write compelling titles, use strong headings, and select the right word each and every word we write is it any wonder that a name and domain name could also have impact on the potential growth and development of a site, product, or book?

More than Numbers and more than a Name…

WRA’s numbers were terrible. And I knew that the name and domain name ranked horribly based on the training I’ve had over the years since I created the site with market research, niche marketing, and keyword placement. It was time to approach things as I would any other site I’d consider designing now. Like a professional and from the very bedrock of the site’s foundation.

I spent hours researching with my favorite niche market research and SEO tool, Market Samurai. I ran permutations of potential names and browsed their Numerological reports. I consider exactly what direction I wanted Writer’s Round-About to take and like magic, a new name and a new direction drove forth.

Color Me Blue – For Communication, Learning, and Growth

Another change I’ve made is in the color scheme. You see, I LOVE purple. And when I first created Writer’s Round-About it was a site just for me. I wrote about whatever I wanted to write about and I really didn’t care if anyone read it. The site was my baby and I liked to feel comfortable and at home in it, surrounded by all the things I love.

Did you know that color has meaning and power? Do you know what power the color purple has? Do you know where its strengths lay? Purple is about higher learning, spiritual connection, and open-mindedness. And when I first created Writer’s Round-About those things were a big part of the sites purpose. Now we’re more about teaching, learning, and community.

Blue is about communication, learning, and growth. It’s about developing a voice and sharing knowledge. Blue is about never being afraid to say what you think and feel, to take command of your voice and your right to use it. It’s about having something worth saying and sharing it with the world. That’s what writers are about too.

And that’s what The Craft of Writing Fiction is about.

Introducing The Craft of Writing Fiction

So, without further ado, I’d love to introduce you to, “The Craft of Writing Fiction”. We’re still Writer’s Round-About deep within our souls but we’re so much more than that too. And we want to develop a powerful presence, an inspirational community, and a go-to resource for writers.

The new domain name, craftingfiction.com also has a strong sense of purpose and commitment. It is a strong foundation for growth and expansion. It’s forward thinking and innovative. It’s driven to succeed and we are too.

You’ll see other smaller changes over the coming days and weeks as I streamline the transformation from Writer’s Round-About to The Craft of Writing Fiction. There are a lot of stages involved and one of them includes going backwards through our hundreds of posts to clean up any lingering remnants of our old name. I’ll also be restructuring our categories again and working on search engine optimization at every level of the site.

So, please, bare with me through the teething stages of our metamorphosis. If you notice any errors, glitches, or strangeness, please contact me.

Meanwhile, what do you think of The Craft of Writing Fiction? Share your thoughts and impressions in the comments. Do you love it? Do you hate it? Are you excited about our new look, our new name, our new direction?

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Rebecca Laffar-Smith

Rebecca Laffar-Smith is a publisher, children's writer, and novelist. In 2010 she gave up a successful 12-year freelance career to focus on her three loves; family, community, and fiction. She self-published her debut novel The Flight of Torque in June 2014 and the first three titles in the P.I. Penguin series in from Aulexic in May 2015. At The Craft of Writing Fiction, Rebecca shares her journey of creation and learning with readers. She loves getting to know her fellow readers and writers and can be contacted through Twitter and Facebook, or Email.

5 thoughts on “Writer’s Round-About Becomes The Craft of Writing Fiction!”

  1. I just want to drop a quick note to thank everyone who has complimented The Craft of Writing Fiction’s new look, name, and sense of direction across the various social networks I frequent. Your compliments and support mean a great deal to me.

    I hope others will share their impressions and ideas.

    1. Very true, Katherine. 🙂

      I’ve learned that in the years since I first created this site and to be honest I never really considered it as a potential “business” in those early days. It was just a place I could share my thoughts and experiences with writing.

      I think it’s important to be flexible with goals and direction. We grow and change and so do the things we create. So, after all I’ve learned over the past three years and with the growing success of this site it was time to embrace the fact that it IS a business and to act accordingly. Even when that meant making large changes.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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