Win Prizes! Celebrate Our 3rd Birthday Bash!

Win great prizes at The Craft of Writing Fiction - 3rd Birthday Bash!

Guess who’s turning 3?

That’s right!
The Craft of Writing Fiction is celebrating it’s third birthday this month. We’re giving away some awesome prizes. So keep reading to find out how you can win!

Wow, can you believe it’s been three years already? Around this time each year, The Craft of Writing Fiction grows and changes. We reflect on what worked, and what didn’t. We consider you, our readers, what you’ve loved, what you’ve hated, where you’d like to see us go from here, and how you can win prizes. If you have any ideas, suggestions or feedback, we’d love to hear from you.

After a strong three years support from freelancers, I’d like to focus our thoughts this year toward Fiction and the Craft of Writing.

Last year we opened the floor to writer’s from around the world and became a true “collaborative blogging project”. The contributions so far have been fantastic. As we look forward to the year ahead I’d like to extend a special invitation to fiction writers, especially those who are interested in promoting their books. There are so many fantastic reasons to get involved and it goes beyond the opportunity to win prizes. Find out exactly “Why YOU Should Write For The Craft of Writing Fiction“.

Becoming a contributing author isn’t the only way you can promote your books here either. Ask me about our blog tours, author interviews, and book review opportunities.

So, want to know what you can win?

To kick off another year with style we’re giving you fantastic win prizes. Writers will absolutely LOVE these goodies. Trust me, I know, because I’ve loved them all myself and recommend them any chance I get. There are three prize packs and lots of ways to enter so there is no excuse not to get involved and spread the word.

1st Place [valued over $100]

Win Anthemion's Writer's Cafe Software with Storylines

2nd Place [valued over $40]

3rd Place [valued over $19]

How do you get your hands on this booty?

Because I like to give as many people as many chances to win prizes as possible there are lots of ways you can enter. Some methods are worth more than others based on the effort required but it’s worth making a little extra effort to increase your odds.

  1. Leave a comment listing your top 5 all-time favorite CF posts. (5 entries)
  2. Write a blog post on your own blog: (10 entries)
    • Fiction Writers: a fiction story about a birthday
    • Non-Fiction Writers: interesting non-fiction birthday facts

    You must include a link back announcing this contest to your readers.

  3. Stumble this contest with StumbleUpon (2 entries)
  4. Share this contest via Twitter. (max 1 entry in 12 hours totaling 2 entries per day)
  5. Share this contest with Plurk. (max 1 entry in 12 hours totaling 2 entries per day)
  6. Share this contest on Facebook. (max 1 entry in 12 hours totaling 2 entries per day)
  7. Add @laffarsmith on Twitter, Plurk, or Facebook. (1 entry per network)
    • leave a comment if you were already my friend on any of those networks for a free entry.

Remember to come back here and leave a comment to let me know you’ve done any of the above. If you forget you can’t win prizes!

What about rules? Any of those?

Actually, not a whole lot. I’m going to reserve the right to disqualify for unsportsmanlike behavior. But anyone can enter and anyone can win. There are no limits on age, gender, or location. You can tell all your friends and talk them into entering even if they don’t want the prizes so that you can score them. You can bribe people to help you win. You can shamelessly promote the contest. So long as you’re keeping it fun and lively then you rock!

I guess the only really important rule is the deadline. We’re going to rock up those entries for three party-hard weeks! So you still have a chance to win prizes but only if you hurry! Entries close Friday June 25th 2010.

And YOU MUST LEAVE A COMMENT when you complete any of the above ways to enter so that I know you’re entered and can track all of your entries.

One final note before you go.

I’m sponsoring this contest myself but I’m hoping to offer more contests in the future and want to invite prize donations and competition sponsors to step up and help me out. If you’re an author would you consider giving away a copy of your book? Do you make cool pens? Do you ship wicked gadgets and gizmos? I’d love to plug your stuff and your business in exchange for the opportunity to give some goodies to the thousands of CF readers eager to win prizes.

Win great prizes at The Craft of Writing Fiction - 3rd Birthday Bash!

Ok, now bring on those entries!

Let’s get this party started!

Don’t forget to leave your comments below when you enter!

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Rebecca Laffar-Smith

Rebecca Laffar-Smith is a publisher, children's writer, and novelist. In 2010 she gave up a successful 12-year freelance career to focus on her three loves; family, community, and fiction. She self-published her debut novel The Flight of Torque in June 2014 and the first three titles in the P.I. Penguin series in from Aulexic in May 2015. At The Craft of Writing Fiction, Rebecca shares her journey of creation and learning with readers. She loves getting to know her fellow readers and writers and can be contacted through Twitter and Facebook, or Email.

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    You´ll find a Birthday Post on my blog, and a brand new reader in me.

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  2. Thanks for the entries so far. Keep them coming everyone, invite your friends, and don’t forget to leave a comment if you share the contest via social media. I need to know you have so and can add your entry.

  3. Hi,
    I’ve added you on Twitter (I’m @QuiltinRedhead there), Tweeted about the contest, mentioned it on Facebook, and Stumbled it. Thanks for the opportunity to win and Happy Blogday!

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  5. Your blog keeps getting better and better! I’ve been following your posts for a while now and I have to say that your older articles don’t offer as much insight as the newer articles. You have a lot more ideas and style now, your writing is constantly improving.

  6. Mantinhas de sofá, que delícia!! Até já apetece um domingo de chuva e frio… só tenho pena de não ter lareira… Olha, enfim, não se pode ter tudo 🙂

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