7 Reasons You Should Write For The Craft of Writing Fiction

Have you considered writing a guest post for The Craft of Writing Fiction? Have you been thinking about joining the collaborative blogging project but just don’t know if it’s right for you? Do you want to know some of the benefits of writing for The Craft of Writing Fiction?

Everyone, from those just beginning to inspect their writing bug to the experienced explorers of the writing world, are invited to take part in our collaborative blogging project but read on now to find out 7 reasons why you might like to join us.

  1. The biggest draw card is freedom. Unlike Demand Studios you aren’t given a title for which you have to research or scrimp for words. You have the freedom to follow what captures your interest, fires your passions, or intrigues your inspiration. As long as you can tie your topic to the “craft of writing” or “fiction writing” you have free reign to explore anything that interests you. You’re also free to decide when you write and how often you contribute. You are not tied to any specific posting schedule and can contribute several posts when you’re visited by your muse or one or two as inspiration strikes. Even if you post sporadically your readership will continue to grow because The Craft of Writing Fiction has a growing base of contributors allowing us to publish fresh content regularly.
  2. Qualified contributors are given the opportunity to subscribe to the CF-Writer’s Mailing List. This is a huge plus because around once a month I send out a short newsletter packed with ideas, keywords, sometimes a theme, and some gossip about what our readers have been wanting to read and what we’d love you to write about. You don’t have to write about those topics if you’re fired up about something else but if you’re ever feeling short on ideas you have a well of inspiration in these newsletters. And I’ve got thousands and thousands more where they came from so if you want even more all it takes is a quick email and I’ll brainstorm with you to come up with some great content.
  3. CF has a flexible word count. 400-800 words (longer if prior arranged) is the bottom line. This is because this is the ideal length for blog format and it’s what I know my readers prefer. Most of them are busy writers, like us. They need inspiration and education; they aren’t looking for an epic adventure. But they’re also readers in the true sense of the word. If a topic interests them they’ll read several posts as it goes into more detail so series work well.
  4. CF also has an awesome, professional, human editor who likes to pretty up posts, is happy to make edits if needed or requested, manages the posting schedule for you so you can write your posts whenever you want to rather than keeping to a strict schedule, is easy going, and is a firm believer in only doing it because you love it. She’s not pushy, she’s not about to demand several rewrites or delete your content without giving advance warning. Um… Ok, enough tooting my own horn.
  5. CF is growing in popularity and developing it’s brand as a writer resource and community. There are plans in the works for expanding the reach of the site and the services it offers. There is an opportunity to get involved in the creation of electronic products exclusive to CF and your ideas regarding the site will always be heard and considered carefully. It also has a standing history having lasted the test of time for blogging. It’s not a fly by night and it’s not about to disappear off the web never to be heard or updated again. The Craft of Writing Fiction is also 100% financed and maintained by my freelance business so I’ll never ask contributors to assist with costs associated with running the site such as hosting and domain name fees.
  6. You maintain rights to your posts. While I do ask for first time electronic rights you can republish your posts after they’ve launched on CF. That means the post you wrote for us could go on to make money when you pitch it as a reprint to other publications or post it as a guest post on other blogs. We’d love you to give The Craft of Writing Fiction a nod as original publication but we don’t require your doing so because what you write will always belong to you.
  7. Finally, clips, experience, and full credits, are pretty strong draws in and of their own. Some of CF’s writers write for that alone. And the knowledge that they’ve got a ready-made audience. Writing for CF is more effective than writing a blog of your own because there is a team of people working to promote each post and an established readership already coming to look. You don’t have to do all the legwork to find readers. It is also a great way to practice writing online content and if you want any feedback or advice regarding your writing I’m happy to critique or copy-edit your posts. And, your byline, bio, photograph, and up to three external links go right there on the page with every single one of your posts.

Are you excited? Do these fantastic benefits sound enticing? Do you have any questions?

Get started right now!

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7 Responses to “7 Reasons You Should Write For The Craft of Writing Fiction”

  1. I absolutely agree with all of this, Rebecca! You are just the best to work with! I love your gentle pushes, your (endless!) ideas – brainstorming with you is fantabulous!!

    This is a wonderful post. I’m so glad you shared it. It’s beautifully written and I highly recommend folks sign up as a WRA writer.

    I’m working on new posts as I type!

    Big hugs,
    .-= Michele | aka Raw Juice Girl shares: Valentine’s Savings for E3Live Blue-Green Algae =-.

  2. clara54 says:

    I too have to say “thank you” Rebecca for your encouragement & gentle nudges :)

    .-= clara54 shares: Psst…A bit of monday morning gossip =-.

  3. Thank you so much, ladies.
    .-= Rebecca Laffar-Smith shares: Build Your Working Relationships: Write Recommendations =-.

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