Simple Saviors: The Notebook and Pen

Notebook and Pen: Keep Writing, Anywhere, Anytime.Moving doesn’t always happen smoothly. Maintaining your writing during one of the most stressful times of your life is challenging. Ideas for articles come in many forms, this one is no different. Fortunately, the idea wasn’t lost because I took the opportunity to jot down a few thoughts before they left indefinitely.

Some of the most stressful times in a person’s life are moving, death, births, divorces, and weddings. All of those events are life altering. It is possible to write during those periods, even if the writing doesn’t produce an article at that exact moment. Recording your ideas becomes a necessary step to include with any major change in your life.

While undergoing any life changing time in your life, keep a notebook and pen with you at all times. The notebook doesn’t have to be fancy or large. A simple flip pad will do – and can fit in the back pocket of your jeans. Along side that notebook, keep a pen or pencil handy to scribble away ideas, thoughts, emotions or bits of conversation. After the words are scribbled, put the notebook away until you need it again.

When life has settled down and routine becomes familiar, you can pull out that same notebook and refer back to the pages. The mind is incredible, once you place words onto the page, you naturally recall the moment and everything associated to it. You will hear voices of dialogue, expressions on faces, emotions within, and, perhaps most importantly, the words played in your mind.

Make time to write, even when life is unsettled and routines unfamiliar.Ah, yes, those words. They are the ones that create the characters of a novel, a poem about the beautiful sky, and the article you’ve promised to write for an editor on the other end of a paycheck. With just a few simple words on a piece of paper, you will be capable of recalling all the information you need to complete that looming assignment or resume the novel that had you stuck.

It is a simple exercise that takes a bit of practice to master. Nurture your Muse by writing down all the words she supplies you. When it comes time to work through a challenging time in your life, your Muse will be kind to you. Chronicle your thoughts and ideas and begin learning how to recall the information she provided when the idea originally popped.

I’ll never go without my notebook and pen. You could say that they saved my tail during my most recent move. How has your notebook and pen saved you? Do you prefer a certain style of notebook or type of pen? What do you love most about your favorite notebook and pen?

Stock up on notebooks and pens!

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Mysti Guymon-Reutlinger

At the tender age of seven, Mysti discovered interest in writing. What began as crude scripts for plays turned into a love of words. A few teachers along the way encouraged Mysti's interest and ability in writing. As a young child, she partook in Young Authors contests as well as all local writing contests. Various awards were received and writings published. As an adult, Mysti has continued a love of words. She has had writings appear in The Work-At-Home-Mom Magazine, Migraine Expressions and much more. An eclectic blend of writing has allowed Mysti the opportunity to utilize her own life experiences to assist others in a variety of manners.

14 thoughts on “Simple Saviors: The Notebook and Pen”

  1. Great post, Mysti! I’m actually one of those people who prefer typing over the old-fashioned pen and paper. I do keep ’em around – just in case – but the keyboard is the place where most of the inspiration flows through me and onto the page. 😀

    So glad you were able to continue writing during your chaotic move, though!
    .-= Michele shares: Thanksgiving Eats, Treats + Raw (Vegan?) Reflections =-.

  2. Like you, Michele, I tend to do more writing on my keyboard. I find it easier. Because I type quite fast my thoughts keep up with my keys much better than my hand does. And Dyslexia makes writing more challenging than it should be, I always feel like I’m trying too hard, straining my eyes and my hand when I’m writing.

    But, I’ve got notepads and pens galore around my house because while I don’t write actual articles, stories, or parts of my novel there (unless I can’t get to my computer) I do write lots and lots of notes. Later I type up and file the notes I’ve been keeping in my notebooks but when I’m having the ideas, like after I’ve gone to bed at night or while I’m not at home (in the car, out to dinner etc.) I need to have something more portable and versatile than my laptop. 🙂

    Mysti, I agree that the notepad and pen, simple and inexpensive, are every writers most important tool. 🙂
    .-= Rebecca Laffar-Smith shares: Blog a lot? Build an editorial calendar. =-.

  3. Great post!

    I absolutely love pen and paper. I use marker-type pens with soft tips. I find I can write longer with them. I get 5 x 7 spiral notebooks from staples that have an inner pocket where I can shove stuff (I have a ton of post cards stuffed in there).

    I carry a notebook and pens everywhere I go, in my jack-sack. I use it mostly for free-writing and journaling, but I also record dreams and do automatic writing in them as well. Ideas for stories, grocery lists, to-do lists, and lets not forget the doodles.

  4. I love my notebook and pen too! I know that some people are not as fond of writing that way, but it’s amazing for me. I even keep a notebook on the keyboard tray under the desk. Before I start typing, I write out the opening part of a paragraph and then kick it into Word and keep on going. When I get stuck, I refer back to my notebook and write it out again.
    .-= Mysti shares: Addiction =-.

  5. Its well under-rated just writing with a traditional pen. I write for a living and I still prefer pen and paper over all the alternatives even till today! (although I am writing this on a macbook I suppose!)

  6. We were talking on Plurk just the other day about how, sometimes, we need to go back to pen and paper because of the way using those tangibles opens up parts of the brain that aren’t activated as easily with a keyboard.

    And then, there are things like leaving comments on blogs that you can’t do with pen and paper and very few of us would write our comment and then type that up.

    Thanks for adding your own experiences, Mark.

  7. So a writer needs to carry a notebook and pen just like everyone carries a cell phone. I do prefer to write with pen and paper over typing. I really love writing portfolios and creative and romantic looking journals. My current portfolio is henna design inspired with shades of blue, brown and green. I am very picky when it comes to journals, suffice to say that I don’t have one yet. I haven’t found that perfect one for me.

  8. *ponders* I wonder if writing on an electronic tablet would have the same sense of mental unlocking as pen and paper. As technology continues to advance we could have the best of both worlds, writing as if with pen and paper that automatically transforms into text on the page and all in a size that fits in the back pocket. 🙂

  9. I just wanted to comment and say that I really enjoyed reading your blog post here. It was very informative and I also digg the way you write! Keep it up and I’ll be back to read more in the future

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