Crafting Fiction

The Craft of Writing Fiction began with a passion for reading, an instinct for words, and a love of language. Over the years, Crafting Fiction has grown into an in-depth resource for all things writing related; particularly for the “craft of writing” and “writing fiction”. Over time we’ve touched on novel writing, fiction publishing, character development, proofreading and editing, overcoming procrastination, finding ideas, and more.

Originally created to discuss writing and the writer’s life, The Craft of Writing Fiction (formerly Writer’s Round-About), has grown since it’s creation in June 2007. We branched beyond every day writing to freelancing, working at home, how the web affects writers, writing for the web, blogs and blogging, and further into the technical aspects of working and running a business online.

Now The Craft of Writing Fiction tries to stick to it’s fiction writing roots. We focus on the craft of writing fiction, novel writing, short stories, character development, the power of plot, screenwriting, and everything fiction writing related. The Craft of Writing Fiction invites the contribution of fellow writers. As busy writers it can be challenging to commit to a regular blogging schedule on our personal writing blogs. Together, we are a community of writers learning, growing, and succeeding together.

Welcome to The Craft of Writing Fiction. We hope you enjoy your time here. Learn and grow with us. Feel your inspiration for your own writing projects reignite. Share your experiences with fellow writers. Your comments, feedback, and friendship are a valuable contribution to the writing community. So, don’t be shy, say hi!

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